NO Retreat No Surrender!! - MIGUNA MIGUNA incites GEN Z and MILLENIALS to oust RUTO from power !!

Tuesday, June 25,2024 - Firebrand lawyer, Miguna Miguna, has urged Kenyan youths not to retreat or surrender in the quest for a corruption-free country and a country governed by the rule of law.

In a social media post on Tuesday, Miguna, who is a second liberation hero and a former political detainee, urged Kenyan youths not to drop their guards to ensure President William Ruto’s government is accountable to its people.

“Freedom is coming, today! No retreat. No surrender. Bravo, revolutionary Gen-Zs and Millennials,” Miguna wrote on his X platform (formerly Twitter).

For the last two weeks, Kenyan youths have taken to the streets demanding the government withdraw the punitive and retrogressive Finance Bill 2024.

The bill which has the blessing of state house mandarins and treasury is set to introduce a raft of taxes on basic commodities which will exacerbate the high cost of living.


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