Nation Media Group’s Regional Editor, LUCAS BARASA, accused of firing a junior journalist to create room for his girlfriend - Wanaume hawana huruma.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024 - Nation Media Group’s Regional Editor-in-charge of Upper Eastern counties, Lucas Barasa, is on the spot after he unlawfully dismissed a junior employee to create room for his girlfriend.

The disgruntled employee claims that Barasa fired him and immediately after his dismissal, he brought in his girlfriend to fill in the position.

Fortunately, the fired employee did not tarmac for long before he got another job.

NTV’s cameraman Charles Muriithi was also fired under the same circumstances earlier this year.

Muriithi, who worked in Nyeri County, reportedly had an altercation with his boss after he found out that he was eyeing his wife.

Muriithi’s wife divorced him and eloped with his boss after he lost his job.

We understand that office affairs are common at Nation Media Group.

Below are photos of Lucas, who reportedly fired a junior staff to create space for his girlfriend.



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