Nakuru County Gender, Youth, Sports and Social Services CEC, Josephine Achieng and her husband con desperate jobseekers millions of shillings.

Thursday, June 13, 2024 - Gender, Youth, Sports, and Social Services CEC Josephine Achieng and her husband Charles Akoko have reportedly perfected the art of defrauding innocent and desperate members of the public by promising them non-existent jobs and promising to award them tenders at the Nakuru County Government.

Josephine enjoys the protection of the County Secretary.

Despite receiving numerous complaints from the victims who have been conned many continue to lose money.

A contractor who prefers to remain anonymous due to his engagements with the county says the CEC reached out to him and promised to award him a tender worth millions.

She asked the contractor to give him Ksh 500,000 in exchange for the bid.

The tender was later awarded to someone else.

On asking for his money back, the CEC reportedly refused to pay.

He has since reported the matter to DCI Nakuru who are unbothered about carrying out investigations.

One victim who lost Ksh 350,000 early last year was trying to secure a job for his brother who has never gotten the job.

She says his brother has been frustrated and depressed ever since he knew the jobs were scams.

Another who is afraid to reveal their identity due to threats from the CEC was swindled Ksh 200,000 in February of last year.

She was even told that the letter was ready for signing by the Secretary of the Public Service Board of Nakuru for a permanent job but never been given the letter to date nor has the money been refunded.

Josephine even has colleagues at the department, including her driver who was relieved of duty because of her. 

The driver says he used to take Josephine and her husband Akoko to various entertainment joints within Nakuru and Naivasha using the government vehicle past working hours.

He was sacked because of this.

The duo has purportedly so far swindled millions of unsuspecting youths seeking employment at the county government.

Charles Akoko has reportedly been approaching desperate job seekers whom he takes to the CEC's office and money is exchanged.

Akoko is well known to have reportedly worked in cahoots with unscrupulous Nakuru County Service Board members - especially during the immediate former county administration to fleece job seekers.

Most victims have been forced to remain silent in pain as the CEC threatens those who dare raise the issue with the DCI or the police.

They wonder why EACC is not following up on the matter despite multiple complaints filed.


The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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