Muslim LADIES call out men who fight for their right to marry multiple wives but do not follow the conditions attached to this privilege

Sunday, June 30, 2024 - A number of Muslim women have gone on X to call out their men who are always fighting for their right to marry multiple wives.

The X users pointed out that the men do not "follow the Sunnah like the Prophet directed" but the only part they follow is the one that allows them to marry multiple women.

An X user named Rihanat wrote: "Muslim men and fighting for their rights to be polygamous yet not following the Sunnah like the Prophet directed.

"They act like it’s an obligation but it’s not. It’s permissible but not compulsory. They clauses attached to it, 99.9% of them wouldn’t be able to fulfill it.

"Widows, they won’t marry.

"Treat and love all wives equally, NEVER.

"Marry divorced, poor or disabled women?? NO

"If it’s going to cause problems in your first marriage, don’t marry!! NO

"Just a bunch of unserious fellows."

Another wrote: "The same Islam that said provision should be for a man solely and a woman’s money is her money, if she decides to bring money to be house it should be her decision not because she was forced or anything.

"The same men are demanding for 50/50 talking about how difficult the economy."

She added: "When they see second woman matter Them Dey rise up. Other sunnahs they fail woefully."

Another added: "Na only marry four wives them know. They are deaf to the clause attached."

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