Murang’a Senator JOE NYUTU urges RUTO to pay UHURU his perks – Don’t be petty

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 - Murang’a County Senator Joe Nyutu has urged President William Ruto’s government to stop being petty and instead pay former President Uhuru Kenyatta his retirement benefits and perks.

Speaking on Tuesday, Nyutu said that the former president does not pose a threat to the sitting President to justify the refusal of his benefits, saying the two should dialogue.

The senator called for investigations to determine the real cause of why the former president has not been paid his retirement benefits.

“Why wouldn't they talk? I don't think the sitting President is that vengeful. 

"It's simply a matter of differing views,’’ he said.

“I want to be clear: I firmly believe that the former President should receive his rightful dues and that his office should be supported by the state as mandated by law.’’

The retired President’s office on Monday claimed that Uhuru was being denied his retirement benefits by the Kenya Kwanza government with some staff going without salaries.

Through his spokesperson Kanze Dena, Uhuru claimed that his cars were being fuelled from his pocket with the government refusing to also allocate him an office.


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  1. 2027 we should get combination like fred matiang president and natebeya or jimmy wanjigi deputy and we do away with this confused kenya mwisho government