Molo MP and Finance Chair Kuria Kimani is regretting supporting RUTO’s Finance Bill as Gen Z protesters loot and torch his rural home

Wednesday, June 26, 2024 - The wave of unrest swept through Nakuru County as demonstrators, led by Gen Zs, expressed anger and fury over President William Ruto's Finance Bill 2024.

The protest intensified, culminating in the arson attack on the home of the Chairperson of the Finance and Planning Committee of the National Assembly Kimani Kuria, who has been vocal in supporting the bill.

The angry protesters looted and set ablaze Kimani’s residence.

Earlier in the day, chaos erupted in the Parliament after a group of anti-tax demonstrators stormed the House.

The protesters, who had clashed with police throughout the day, gained access to the Parliament Buildings via Uhuru Highway shortly after lawmakers passed the highly contested Finance Bill.

The MPs, in a bid to escape the escalating violence, evacuated to Bunge Towers through an underground channel as police engaged the protesters.

The Finance Bill 2024, spearheaded by President Ruto, has faced fierce opposition from many Kenyans who view its tax proposals as punitive.


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