KIM KARDASHIAN slammed by jailed Tiger King JOE EXOTIC for ignoring his pleas for help in fighting for his release from prison

Monday, June 3, 2024 - Kim Kardashian has been slammed by jailed Tiger King Joe Exotic for ignoring his pleas for help in fighting for his release from prison

The former Netflix star, 61, is serving a 21-year sentence for conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire - and risks dying behind bars after being told by doctors that he may have lung cancer.

Speaking to DailyMail from Santa Rosa County jail in Florida, Exotic slammed Kim, 43, for failing to answer his pleas for help in securing his freedom, insisting that he does not need the businesswoman's money, but rather her voice.

At the same time, he heaped praise on Cardi B for showing her support - while also targeting Kendall Jenner on Instagram in a bid to contact Kim.

'I've called Kim Kardashian plain out,' he said. 'Am I too white for her help? Because all I need is her voice. I don't need her money.

'I don't need her to spend her whole life helping me do this. All I need is for her to pick up a phone and call the White House and say, "Look, I'm behind Joe's movement. This is good. The system is messed up."'

In 2020, Exotic begged Kim 43, to 'call President Donald Trump to pardon me' in an open letter.

In February he also pleaded with Kourtney Kardashian to bring his case to Kim's attention.

'Please have your sister help me get out of this hell hole,' he wrote on Instagram

On Monday, he used the same tactic, this time reaching out to Kendall Jenner on her Instagram account.

'Have your sister reach out please,' he begged. 'I want to show her the videos of them all admitting to perjury. She helps those wrongfully incarcerated right?'

In 2017, she fought for clemency for Alice Johnson and first reached out to Ivanka Trump about the case before later meeting with former President Trump to campaign on Johnson's behalf.

This move led to Trump pardoning Johnson for a non-violent drug trafficking offense, and her release from prison in summer 2018.

Since then, Kim has gone on to fight for others in similar situations, including Kevin Cooper and Julius Jones.

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