Kenyans harass the daughter of Huruma OCS, ROBERT MUGO, who was caught on camera attacking a lady during protests after her phone number was shared to the public (LOOK).

Wednesday, June 19, 2024 - Huruma OCS, Robert Mugo, is among the rogue cops who used excessive force on peaceful protesters who turned up at Nairobi Central Business District to protest against the punitive finance bill.

The senior police officer was caught on camera attacking a lady and leaving her helpless on the ground.

He shamelessly shouted ‘acha akufie hapo’ as he walked away smiling.

The lady collapsed after having a panic attack.

Kenyans on social media are now harassing the cop’s daughter after her phone number was made public.

They have been sending her messages calling out her father.

She has been forced to delete all her photos on Instagram and put her account private after being bullied.

Check this out.

Watch the trending video of the cop harassing a lady young enough to be his daughter during protests.


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