KALONZO means business as he ‘expels’ all Wiper MPs who voted YES to the punitive Finance Bill, starting with FARAH MAALIM

Friday, June 21, 2024 – Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka has vowed to take serious disciplinary action, including suspension and expulsion, against Wiper MPs who supported the controversial Finance Bill 2024.

In a concise statement, Kalonzo, through his party, indicated that it had instructed its legislators to vote against the contentious bill. 

MPs who defied this directive would now face consequences.

The party emphasized its commitment to this stance, stressing that no exceptions would be made once the disciplinary process commences.

Notably, among those identified for disciplinary action is Dadaab MP Farah Maalim, who recently voted in favour of the Finance Bill, contravening the party's directive.

According to Wiper, the party members who voted in favour of the bill betrayed Kenyans and that it would not relent on taking stern measures against them.

"All our MPs were instructed to reject the Finance Bill 2024 and that is on record. There were no exemptions," read part of a statement by Wiper Party.

"Choices have consequences not just for the two, but for all who betrayed Kenyans."

In a separate statement, Kalonzo lauded Kenyan youths for taking to the streets to protest against the bill which he termed as unreasonable, unsound, and uncorrectable.

Kalonzo accused police officers using force to intimidate protesters who were peacefully exercising their constitutional rights to picket and demonstrate.

The Azimio principal also went ahead to commend the 115 members of parliament who voted against the bill. 


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