Is RAILA also a tribalist for supporting my one-man, one-vote, one-shilling campaign? GACHAGUA now asks RUTO and his critics


Saturday, June 8, 2024 - Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has hit out at those labelling him a tribalist over his support for the one-man, one-vote, one-shilling revenue-sharing formula.

Speaking at a Women and Youth Empowerment Funds drive in Samburu, Gachagua argued that freedom of expression was a constitutional right and that he was not an exception.

While insisting on the matter, the Deputy President acknowledged Raila Odinga’s support for one man, one shilling, one vote, and questioned why the latter wasn’t criticized unlike him.

“So just because what I have said aligns with what the people from where I come prefer, you label me a tribalist," commented Gachagua. 

"And yesterday I saw the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga say the same thing I said, I did not hear people calling him a tribalist.” 

According to Gachagua, a difference in opinion did not mean tribalism, and that it was common for people to vary in thoughts.

The DP reiterated the need for talks to enable people to understand the main idea behind the revenue-sharing formula. 

“So, everybody should be given a chance to express themselves, let us have a conversation, we are all the same people of Kenya, let us talk and bring the country together," the DP stated.

“The fact that I am the deputy president does not extinguish my right as a Kenyan and as per the constitution to have an opinion, but that opinion is not a command, it's just an opinion,” he added.


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