Is GEN Z making RUTO and his looters sweat profusely and have nightmares at night? - REVOLUTION will be televised soon!


Wednesday, June 19, 2024 - A Kenyan has warned President William Ruto of a people-driven revolution that will oust bible-wielding boomers from power.

The Kenyan identified as Engineer Nyakisera said the revolution will be led by the fearless Gen-Z who are not scared of threats from pastors and corrupt and rogue police officers.

This is what Engineer Nyakisera wrote on his X page.

Gen Z wamesema Tupatane Thursday? 

"The most vibrant generation that has been characterized by charisma and creativity has stepped and will leapfrog millennials.

"They are not scared by threats of curses from bible-wielding boomers.

 "This group will ask hard questions. 

"They are more truthful than Rigathi. 

"They define their terms of engagement.

They are easy to understand and work with if we abandon our ego and sense of self-importance based on seniority or age. 

"As a matter of fact, they are more informed than the likes of Gloria Orwoba, Omanga, Osoro, Nyamu, Kiborek, and Sudi. 

"They listen and adore leaders who tend to resonate with them such as Okiyah Omtatah and Babu.

 "But they will call them out as soon as they smell any whiff of betrayal. 

"They love their celebrities, but call them out nonetheless.

"They love their parents, but they will call them out. 

"They are asking Larry Madonna and CNN hard questions

"They have called out Kibe and his nyanyez low iQ Watson

"What if the millennials join them? What if they grow bolder? 

"Raila and Omtatah are impressed.

Most MPs (if not scared), albeit quietly. 

"The Gen Z energy is what Miguna Miguna thinks he has.

"There was no tribe at play, no political party, no religion or culture. 

"Just legit issues. If I were the government, I would be very worried. #RejectFinanceBill2024


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