I will not help you again – OSCAR SUDI tells the poor and the church as fires his employees and shuts down his Timba XO club after Kalenjins looted it

Thursday, June 27, 2024 – Embattled Kapsaret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi has fired all his employees at his Timba XO nightclub after angry Gen Zs looted and vandalized it during the anti-Finance Bill protests.

In a statement, Sudi announced the closure of the club and instructed all employees to go home.

In a self-recorded video, the MP lamented that the vandalism has set him back, estimating that repairs will cost him a great deal and may delay the reopening of the entertainment joint.

He also added that the closure had not only affected him but also his employees, who now have to seek other means of livelihood to sustain themselves during these tough economic times.

Sudi accused some unnamed people of planning to bring him down at any cost, however, he forgave them.

"I know the people who organised vandalism at my establishment. After what you did, you've made people lose jobs, the hotel is now closed indefinitely and the workers can go home," he stated.

At the same time, Sudi suspended all his planned activities including charity events and fundraising until further notice until further notice.

“I have never in my life planned to destroy people’s property. My work has always been helping people who don't have parents, building churches, and other things. 

"We know people who organized it and the leaders are from home,” said Sudi.


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