Hurry as RUTO’s government once again sells vehicles cheaply at a paltry Sh30,000 – Look! This is how to buy one

Thursday, June 6, 2024 - The State Department for Environment and Climate Change under the Ministry of Environment has announced a public auction of government cars and other assorted items.

In a notice, the department stated that the items shall be auctioned on June 14 and all interested bidders are urged to view the items before the set date.

The items include; unserviceable vehicles going for as low as Ksh30,000 and assorted items going for as low as Ksh800.

Some of the vehicles on auction include; Isuzu NPR with a reserve price of Ksh250,000, Mitsubishi Van at Ksh150,000, Volkswagen Passat at Ksh200,000, Diahatsu Terio at Ksh298,000, Toyota Prado at Ksh300,000, and Mitsubishi V31W Pajero at Ksh100,000.

Others are; Toyota Corolla at the reserve price of Ksh80,000, Mitsubishi Pajero at Ksh120,000, Nissan Tida at Ksh30,000, and another Volkswagen Passat at Ksh200,000.

These items can be viewed at different locations before the auction date including NEMA offices, KMD auction ground, Wilson garage, traffic headquarters, Tom's auto garage, and NHIF building offices.

All vehicles shall be sold on an as-is basis.

Besides the cars, office furniture is on auction with a reserve price of Ksh20,000, hydrogen generators at Ksh2,000, lawn mowers at Ksh1,000, concrete posts at Ksh800, galvanized water storage tanks at Ksh12,000, diesel tank at Ksh1,500, satellite dish at Ksh2,000 and hydraulic motor parts at Ksh2,000 among other items.

Interested bidders will be required to pay a Ksh10,000 refundable deposit to obtain a bidding number. The deposit shall be paid in cash at the department's headquarters cash office on the 11th floor.


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