Gen Z defend SONKO over allegations of funding anti Finance Bill demos

Wednesday, June 26, 2024 - A section of security officers in Nairobi accused former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko of funding the anti-tax protests by Gen Z that started last week.

The anti-Finance Bill protests that started last week led by Gen Z rocked the nation from all corners of the country leaving security officers shocked with their poor counter strategy.

Sonko’s vehicle, a white escalade, was spotted in the streets of Nairobi during the demonstrations by the Gen Z, and he was also captured on camera giving some of the injured youth money for medical treatment.

This angered a section of police officers who were containing the riots with some of them caught on camera accusing the former Governor of funding the protests.

A section of Gen Z defended Sonko in their comments on TikTok account, with the majority dismissing the allegations of the former Governor funding them.

Here is a sample of the comments

Fraqan Hassan

Lies Sonko was helping police and Kenyans who were injured during demos


Mara Sonko mara Azimio mara oooh gen z wame waconfuse mbaya


Acheni hii upuzi sonko had been good all through


Sonko cannot pay 50 million Kenyans


Leave Sonko out of this

Joy Mutuku

Leave our Sonko alone


How rich is Sonko to sponsor the whole nation? Asalamiwe Police Claims MIKE SONKO Sponsors of Gen Z protests against Finance Bill 2024 in the Kenya #fyp #tiktok #nairobian_hot_tea ♬ original sound - Nairobian

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