GACHAGUA tells North Eastern Leaders that he will not resign because the government belongs to Mt Kenya region – We gave RUTO 47 percent of votes

Sunday, June 30, 2024 - Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has responded to North Eastern leaders demanding his resignation after his attack on National Intelligence Service Director General Noordin Haji.

On Wednesday in Mombasa, Gachagua called for the NIS boss to resign for not informing the President about the Gen-Z protests.

On Thursday, North Eastern leaders defended Haji, calling for Gachagua's resignation for attacking NIS and Haji.

But speaking in Murang’a county on Saturday, Gachagua said he will not resign since it is the Mt Kenya region that formed the Kenya Kwanza Alliance government.

"Please, come slow. They are telling us that we should leave this government. This is our government. From this region, we gave 47 percent.

"You cannot come and tell me how to do my job? My work is to be on the ground and advise the president. 

"You come to join us, not replace us," the DP stated.

He maintained that he would continue being truthful in his job, explaining that he could not lie to his boss.

He added that he had to expose what was happening in government to help the President govern well.

"The way to advise the President is truthfully and honestly. 

"The best way to lead is to also listen to Kenyans who are our employers. 

"I am sure things will stabilise soon," he added.


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