Former Kameme TV anchor, WANGECHI WA KARIUKI, narrates how she slapped arrogant UDA Senator KAREN NYAMU in a club washroom! Here’s what exactly happened (VIDEO).

Saturday, June 29, 2024 - Former Kameme TV presenter Wangechi Wa Kariuki has narrated how she had an altercation with Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu in a club washroom.

Wangechi took to her Facebook account, revealing that she encountered Karen Nyamu attempting to enter the restroom while another woman was inside.

Instead of waiting for the lady to finish using the restroom, the arrogant Senator tried to force her way in.

She was ordering the lady to get out of the toilet.

Wangechi, who was tipsy, confronted Karen Nyamu and asked why she was behaving that way, leading to an altercation.

She slapped Karen Nyamu, forcing her bodyguard to intervene.

Interestingly, Karen’s bodyguard told Wangechi to give her another slap and teach her a lesson because of her arrogant behaviours.

“Even her bodyguard sees how she treats other people and was probably fed up,’ Wangechi said.

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