FINANCE BILL 2024 will overburden Kenyans – MUNYA warns and calls on MPs to reject it fully

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 - Former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya has poked holes in the Finance Bill 2024, terming it a retrogressive bill that is set to overburden Kenyans.

Speaking on Monday, Munya said the proposed Finance Bill will affect business people and cannot help build the economy, as the proposals under the Bill do not accommodate the people as promised during the campaigns.

"The Finance Bill is a bad thing for Kenyans. 

"It will burden them. It will not help stabilize Kenya's economy; it will increase the burden on Kenyans more than the government campaigned to accommodate the lower-income earners of society, including Mama Mboga and the Boda Boda people," Munya said.

He accused the government of introducing taxes on farmers' harvests per kilo for every harvest, which is mandated for county governments under cess.

The government's policies continue to burden the country. Unfortunately, this government is taking taxes mandated for county government under cess on every kilo of a farmer's harvest. 

"This is not what we expected," he said.

He called MPs out for failing to defend Kenyans despite that being their duty.

He accused Parliament of being pocketed and supporting the Bill instead of fighting for Kenyans. 


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