“Decisions have to be made,” – President RUTO remains defiant as he speaks on protests over the Finance Bill 2024.

Thursday, June 20, 2024 - President William Ruto has said the constitution allows Kenyans to picket and they are free to demonstrate against the government.

During a meeting with the ANC leaders at State House in Nairobi, the president said Kenya was a democratic country and civil society could do what it wanted.

However, the Head of State said decisions have to be made by government institutions.

“The civil society is free to do what they want to do. 

"We are a democratic country and we have no problem. 

"Those who want to demonstrate they can demonstrate it is their right no problem but decisions have to be made by institutions,” said Ruto.

The President noted that he would continue respecting government institutions as they work for the people of Kenya.

“I will make sure as President I will respect institutions so that we can make the right decisions and centralize the place of the people of Kenya,” Ruto stated.


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