DAVID BECKHAM settles lawsuit with MARK WAHLBERG's fitness company

Saturday, June 8, 2024 - Football star, David Beckham has settled his lawsuit with actor Mark Wahlberg's fitness company.

Beckham sued Wahlberg's F45 in 2022 for $10 million.

He alleged the company duped him into signing on with offers of millions of dollars for fitness-focused social media promotion.

F45, which was also sued by former NFL star Terrell Owens for a similar alleged incident called the lawsuit fraudulent and tried to have a judge toss it.

They weren't lucky with this.

The former English footballer's company, DB Ventures Limited, has now put out a statement about a resolution.

They revealed that they are happy to have settled the breach of contract lawsuit, wishing the F45 team lots of future success.

F45's CEO, Tom Dowd, also said the company has been a vocal Beckham supporter for years and are happy they could come to a mutual agreement.

‘The biggest show of support is that Beckham and co. will be leaving their cash in the business, staying on as investors despite the minor legal drama.’

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