Car dealer KHALIF KAIRO warned for purporting to be GEN Z leader and Spokesman – We have no leader!!

Friday, June 28, 2024 - Prominent Nairobi-based car dealer Khalif Kairo has been warned by Gen Z against pretending to be their leader and spokesman

In recent days, Kairo, an exotic car dealer, has been pretending to be the leader of the young protesters, even appearing on TV stations to speak on behalf of Generation Z.

However, on Friday, Genz took to social media and warned Kairo against pretending to be their leader, warning him of dire consequences.

Here are some comments from Gen Z on the X platform

We got no leader, Kairo na hawa mafala wafanye che wamelipwa kufanya... we don't care or give a fuck, “ Peter Budi wrote

Kairo akona kameme mingi sana. Akae atulie he thinks he's the spokesperson,” Sammy Kama wrote.

“Clout imepunguka, where there's clout there is Kairo. It's how he makes a living,” Wangeci wrote.

If you're KAIRO'S friend mkalishe chini mwambie aketi kwake angoje tumalize kupigania nchi and he can go back to clout chasing. I'm very mad,” Sussy wrote


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