Billionaire ELON MUSK is not happy after RUTO and Safaricom switched off the Internet during the anti-Finance Bill protests like dictators – See what he has said.

Saturday, June 29, 2024 The world's richest man, Elon Musk, is unhappy with President William Ruto and his coterie for switching off the internet when citizens protest for their rights.

In the past two weeks, young Kenyans have been demonstrating in Nairobi and other cities, demanding the withdrawal of the Finance Bill 2024, which aimed to increase taxes on basic commodities like bread and fuel.

The demos culminated in the storming of Kenya’s parliament on Tuesday where protestors chased their lawmakers from the ‘dishonorable house’

Like other African dictators, Ruto instructed Safaricom to switch off the internet to stop Kenyans from expressing their rights via social media.

Following the shutdown of the internet, Twitter users Amerix and George Njoroge asked the Tesla Founder to offer Starlink internet to Kenyans.

Amerix told Musk, "Give Kenyans another offer for Starlink. 

"We will subscribe in droves. Our current Internet Service Providers collaborate with a repressive regime to throttle citizen journalism and muzzle freedom of speech"

Musk in response said, “"Starlink Mini will be about half the standard terminal price and available later this year"

Starlink internet is satellite-based and dictators like Ruto cannot shut it down no matter what!!


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