BABU OWINO urges Kenyan police officers not to be used by RUTO to kill innocent Kenyans - When caught you will rot in jail alone!!

Friday, June 21, 2024 - Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has asked Kenyan Police officers not to be used by President William Ruto to break the law.

Following the shooting of Rex Kanyike during Thursday's protest in Nairobi, Babu Owino stated that the police should respect the constitution by allowing Kenyans to demonstrate.

Rex Kanyike Masai, 29, was allegedly shot and killed by police during Thursday's protests in Nairobi.

The incident took place at about 7 pm along Moi Avenue. An aerial video captured the moment the victim was shot.

"I am warning police officers, do not be used to break the law. Your child, sister, or brother could easily be in that crowd," Babu said.

"Things will never be the same again. And we will not tolerate even a single life lost recklessly," he added.

The legislator further raised concern over what he termed as an increase in cases of police officers wearing masks in a bid to conceal their identities during dispatch of official duty.

"If we cannot hold individual officers accountable then we will come for the Inspector General of Police Japheth Koome and hold him individually responsible," he added.

The incident happened when a group of protesters had been pushed by police from parts of Kenyatta Avenue, City Hall Way, and other places where they had gathered to air their opposition to the Bill.


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