You can be poor and still be happier than the so called rich people - World Bank staff says

Monday, May 6, 2024 - A woman who is a legal analyst at World Bank Group, Vivian Irondi, has said that one can be poor and still be happier than the rich.

“Poverty is not a bastard. It is your greed that makes it seem so. You can be poor and happier than the so called rich. It is all about contentment. It's all about self-sufficiency in knowing that you don't need to worry nor envy others,” she wrote in a Facebook post on Monday

"I have seen poor people living well in good health, peace and joy, yet off of vegetables and proteins from game meats, oblivious of where the next meal is coming from, yet thankful for just life. It doesn't matter what you give to a poor minded person, he can not accumulate wealth due to his mindset.

“This same mindset is why such poor people sell their inheritance. Do not sell your inheritance. Selling an inherited land is a curse. It keeps you perpetually poor.” 

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