You are a liability to RUTO’s presidency – Kenya Kwanza politicians turn against GACHAGUA over his one-man-one-shilling campaign

Friday, May 17, 2024 – Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is on the receiving end from his own Kenya Kwanza faction over his support for one-man, one-shilling, one-vote for Mt. Kenya region.

Speaking during an event in Nyali, EALA Member of Parliament Hassan Omar blasted Gachagua over his call for the one man, one shilling formulae for resource allocation, saying his campaign might cost William Ruto the presidency.

Omar expressed that the campaign would cause division among Kenyans.

He explained that the move would disgruntle a large population of Kenyans given that some regions had been sidelined by previous governments.

Omar added that the DP needed to support the constitution which created equality for many underdeveloped communities.

"We have a constitution and we fought for it as it brought us social justice. Those who had plenty in the past now have to leave it for others too. Some communities have suffered for a long time.”

"For so many years, our people did not have roads and money to go to school. Now that they are getting out, what is the problem?" he posed.

Further, he noted that it would be wise for elected leaders across the country to be consulted before such pronouncements are made.

"I will say this will have a lot of respect for the DP. This talk of one vote, one shilling leave it alone. It will bring us a lot of problems in the country.

"Whenever the president and the DP want to push for something, let them ask us because we also represent these communities," he stated.

Gachagua has been the centre of debate in recent days following his push for the one-man, one-vote, one-shilling model that was proposed in the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

The DP's remarks have not sat well with a section of leaders from UDA who expressed that the formulae would segregate parts of the country.


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