Woman charged for falsely accusing a man of attempting to kidnap her leading to his wrongful imprisonment

Thursday, May 23, 2024 - A Pennsylvania woman has been charged for falsely accusing a man of attempting to kidnap her in a supermarket parking lot, leading to his wrongful imprisonment for 31 days.

Anjela Borisova Urumova, 20, from Bristol Township, admitted to fabricating the allegations against Daniel Pierson, 41, after being confronted by police.

The incident occurred on April 16 outside a Redner's supermarket in Middletown Township.

Urumova accused Pierson of pulling down her pants and striking her.

Pierson was subsequently arrested, facing felony charges based on her accusations.

However, an investigation by the Bucks County District Attorney's Office revealed significant inconsistencies.

Surveillance footage and a forensic review of Urumova's iPhone did not support her claims.

Upon being confronted, Urumova confessed to making up the story, citing a previous encounter with Pierson where she found him "creepy."

Further details emerged that Urumova's claimed injuries were from an incident with her grandmother, not Pierson.

Authorities discovered that Urumova described a truck with a "Thin Blue Line" sticker, matching Pierson’s vehicle, to falsely link him to the alleged attack.

Urumova now faces charges including making false reports, causing a false alarm, tampering with evidence, and unsworn falsification to authorities.

Her bail is set at $30,000.

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