Indian TV attacks RUTO for splashing Ksh 200 million on a luxury jet to travel to the U.S. – The whole trip will cost poor taxpayers Sh 1 billion

Thursday, May 23, 2024 - A prominent Indian TV channel has blasted President William Ruto after he hired a private jet for Sh 200 million to take him and his entourage to the United States.

Kenya is a developing country and most of its citizens live below a dollar a day.

In an editorial segment, Firstpost TV highlighted the jet's opulence and questioned the necessity of a 30-person delegation, including a comedian, funded by taxpayers’ money

"President William Rutro is being slammed, not because he's in the US but because of how he chose to get there.

“He decided to fly in a luxury jet. Ruto pulled out all the stops. He brought along an entourage of more than 30 people, including a famous Kenyan comedian.

“Everyone travelled to the US in style on the Kenyan taxpayers' dime, and this, more than anything else, has triggered the backlash," news anchor Palki Sharma said.

The anchor argued that such luxury contradicts Ruto's policies, particularly since he took office in 2022, increased taxes, and advocated fiscal responsibility.

 "Ruto has been stringent with Kenyan taxpayers.

“Since becoming president in 2022, he has raised taxes on salaries, doubled the sales tax on fuel, introduced a housing levy, a hospital insurance levy, and a turnover tax on small businesses.

“His motto seems to be: if it moves, tax it—all in the name of fiscal responsibility.

“Yet, he's flying around in an Emirati jet with a large entourage, including a comedian,”

The whole trip according to preliminary estimates will cost Kenya taxpayers Sh 1 billion.


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