Wealthy mzungu man who dumped his Russian wife and married a Kikuyu lady is living in abject poverty after she took all his wealth - He narrates his story (VIDEO).

Tuesday, May 7, 2024 - A Mzungu man who once held a lucrative job in Russia where he was a medical practitioner is living in abject poverty in Kenya after he divorced his Russian wife and married a Kikuyu lady.

Narrating his emotional story to Afrimax English, the poverty-stricken man, identified as Alexander, disclosed that he previously served as a children’s doctor in Russia, earning a monthly income ranging between $3000 to $4500 over a span of 23 years.

“My life was thriving, and I had all the trappings of success, but I felt a void until I met my first wife, who was Russian. We tied the knot and enjoyed a blissful union,” he said.

However, discord emerged between Alexander and his wife, culminating in their separation.

In an attempt to combat the depression stemming from the divorce, he embarked on a journey across various regions of the globe in search of solace.

His travels eventually led him to numerous parts of Africa.

“While in Kenya, I met a girl there, and I fell in love with her right away,” he said.

As their love blossomed, Alexander realized that the lady could emerge as the perfect wife, and they eventually wedded and had their first child while in Russia.

Over time, Alexander decided to sell his belongings in Russia and embark on a tour to Kenya to begin a new life.

“We sold all our possessions and moved to Kenya. The money we got from selling everything was so substantial that we didn’t have to worry about financial problems,” Alexander said.

As they embarked on their journey to start a fresh life in Kenya, his wife had a different idea of investing all the money they had amassed in Russia.

“We bought 500 chickens, 20 pigs, and 20 goats. I felt secure because I had left my previous job to start this business,” Alexander claimed.

He alleges that things quickly deteriorated after they set up the business which failed terribly.

“We also bought a large plot where we built a big house. When I saw all the losses we were accumulating, I started to blame myself intensely,” he continued.

He says he regretted all the decisions he had made as his situation worsened when his wife started acting negatively.

The man claims he divorced his wife but later realized that she had deceived him and sold all his belongings.

He now works at a mjengo site for survival as he navigates life in poverty.

Life has taken a toll on him and at times, he sleeps hungry.

Listen to his story.


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