We know all the “bad” legal things we can do to her - South African man says as his father's widow refuses to leave their house

Thursday, May 23, 2024 - A South African man, Malebo, has threatened to resort to ‘bad’ legal means after his father's widow allegedly refused to leave their house.

The man, in a series of posts on X platform on Tuesday, May 21, claimed that his late father left the house for him and his siblings.

“Our father’s widow refuses to leave our house: It’s been five months since we (my siblings and I) asked the lady when she was planning to leave & stay with her children in another town-the house is written in our names, and one of us would like use it. They’re renting,” he wrote.

"She proposed to pay rent if it’s money we wanted; we found that ridiculous since we pay her bills, and really, all she does is deteriorate the state of our house. Eg, the hideous painting she covered our house in, windows included. Yes we need money, but her absence a bit more.

"We reminded her she can’t afford to pay rent like she claims she would and upon us calling one of her kids, she told us blatantly she will never leave that house. Btw She’s illiterate and can barely use the Internet so reasoning with her is almost impossible

“We’re all aware of all the “bad” legal things we can do to her but we are trying to find the middle ground. She’s not a horrible person, she’s just sick and depressed.” 

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