Watch the dramatic moment a lady was arrested by plain-clothes police officer in Rongai in connection with murder and bundled into a private vehicle (VIDEO).

Wednesday, May 1, 2024 - There was drama in Rongai after a lady was arrested by a man who introduced himself as a police officer on claims that she was a murder suspect.

According to those who witnessed the incident, the police officer ejected the lady from her car and told her that she was wanted in connection with a murder case.

She was reportedly being tracked using her phone signal.

In the video, the alleged murder suspect is seen resisting arrest as the police officer tells her to cooperate and avoid causing drama.

“What have I done?” she is heard asking.

“Get to that vehicle,” the police officer orders her.

“Are you going to that vehicle ama nikubebe?” the cop tells her.

She finally agrees to board a private car that the police officer was using.

The video has sparked reactions on social media, with a section of social media users calling out police officers for using private cars when arresting suspects.

To distinguish police from abductors, let police use police cars and put on their uniforms. 

"Anyone can pretend to be a cop. Watu wabaki wakijua ulishikwa na polisi kumbe ni thugs,’ a social media user wrote.

‘’ This is what Ruto said will never happen under his watch hopefully he's not watching. Ama what did he mean?’’ another user wrote.

However, a social media user noted that the lady looks suspicious.

‘’ An innocent person is not as calm as she is. I would be wailing like a PA system. Her demeanor and body language says it all!’’ he wrote.

Watch the video.

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