University lecturers say the RUTO government has reduced them to beggars and reveal how they are being mistreated

Sunday, May 19, 2024 - University lecturers from seven public institutions have revealed how the government of President William Ruto has been mistreating them.

In a joint press briefing at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) Juja main campus in Kiambu County, the Universities Academic Staff Union (UASU) stated that the government has been delaying lecturers' salaries, which they say have rendered them to survive on Fuliza and shylock loans.

The lecturers led by JKUAT Chapter Secretary General Dr Shadrack Muya, said they can no longer tolerate the salary delays, which they say are turning members into beggars.

"It is with great concern that by May 17, 2024, our members have not received their salaries for April despite fulfilling their duties and serving as per their contractual terms, they are yet to be compensated,

"This is a clear violation of the Employment Act 2007 and the Constitution of Kenya 2010," said Dr Muya's statement on behalf of the seven affected universities.

The unionists averred that the delay in salary payments has caused significant hardship to lecturers, thus affecting their ability to meet financial obligations, such as servicing standing orders, mortgage payments, and school fees among others.

"As a result, many of us have been forced to resort to loans from Fuliza, Mswari, and shylocks to survive. This amounts to demeaning and causing embarrassment to our members,"

"Imagine a whole professor facing the closure of his rental house for non-payment of rent or begging a school principal not to send home his child over fees arrears," UASU the union's JKUAT Chapter Treasurer Timona Soita posed.


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