Top Kenyan CEO demands DNA test after his Kikuyu baby mama took to social media to insult him and label him a deadbeat dad - Mambo imechemka.

Thursday, May 30, 2024 - Former Mastermind Tobacco Head of Finance and seasoned corporate CEO, Joseph Sitati, is demanding a DNA test after his baby mama, Njeri Thorne, took to social media and labelled him a deadbeat dad.

Njeri, a communication specialist, has been attacking her baby daddy using her X account, prompting him to move to court to seek gag orders against her.

He argues that by labelling him a deadbeat baby daddy, she affects his future job prospects.

Njeri revealed on her X account that Sitati is demanding a DNA test because his name is not included in their son’s birth certificate.

The majority of her followers on X (formerly Twitter) supported Sitati’s DNA demands and labelled Njeri a very toxic woman.

DNA is certainly the way to go, in fact, if the child is indeed his, he should have custody,’ one of her followers wrote.

If he is indeed the father of the child and you’re sure about it, allow him to be sure through a DNA test.

"What are you scared about?’’ another follower posed.

I am with him in this. Instead of being dramatic like a white Karen just do the DNA test. 

"Maternity is certain, paternity is always subjective,’wrote another user.

See her tweets and reactions from her followers.

Below are photos of her baby daddy.

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