This is why MARAGA is worried that LINTURI may go scot-free as he exposes new tricks corruption suspects are using to defeat justice – Look!

Thursday, May 9, 2024 - Chief Justice Emeritus David Maraga has exposed a new trend where suspects linked to various graft cases are using to beat the court system. 

In a statement on Tuesday, Maraga indicated that a new trend is on the rise where suspects are abandoning the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Division of the High Court in Nairobi.

He pointed out that most of the suspects are now seeking refuge in other distant preferred court stations.

In those distance stations away from Nairobi, the suspects are obtaining conservatory orders in a bid to scuttle their cases.

"For example, there is an urgent need for the Judiciary and other actors in the justice chain to work out mechanisms for arresting what I am told EACC considers as an emerging culture of judicial forum shopping by corruption suspects to delay justice in the enforcement of anti-corruption laws," Maraga stated. 

"I’m told there are examples where suspects likely to be charged with corruption offenses before the Anti-Corruption Court in Nairobi have abandoned Nairobi High Court Division on Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes and travelled far and wide to preferred High Court Stations upcountry in pursuit of conservatory orders," Maraga added.

The former CJ's caution may be construed by the public as designed to defeat justice, even where there is nothing untoward.

To avoid this, Maraga advised EACC to engage the Chief Justice for a possible review of the applicable Practice Directions towards ensuring that all Applications relating to corruption charges.

He further urged Judges not to lose sight of the urgent need for the country to effectively fight corruption which threatens the wellbeing of the nation.


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