The owner of the 'strong' house in Mai Mahiu reveals why GOD protected him and his house as his neighbours were dying and houses swept away by floods

Saturday, May 11, 2024 - The owner of a sturdy house that stood tall as others were swept away by devastating floods in Kamuchiri village in Mai Mahiu has revealed the horrendous ordeal that he watched from his strong house.

Speaking during an interview, the owner of the house, Mwaniki, said that it was like nothing he had ever seen.

"I could see the water carrying trees; I was so scared. I was awoken by the tragedy's noise and went to the balcony to watch as it all unfolded. I was in the company of my five family members," said Mwaniki.

"My kids were also so scared; in fact, we couldn't leave the house because sand accumulated at our doors, so the neighbours came and helped us open the door. 

"My wall was brought down, but my house was not shaken during the incident. God really protected us from every corner," he added.

When asked if he was protected because he gives tithes and offers in church, he said it was people's perception.

"Only my car and gate were carried away by the floods; I have poultry which I rear, but none of them were carried. 

"I also have a studio which was not touched by the floods and I am just thanking God because when God protects you from something like this, there is a reason," he said.


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