"The night after our wedding, you carried another girl and I forgave" HARRYSONG's wife claims he was a serial cheat in their marriage as she denies ever cheating on him (VIDEO)

Monday, May 27, 2024 - Harrysong's wife, Alexer Peres, has denied ever cheating on him.

Harry went on Instagram Live on Sunday to claim Alexer got pregnant for another man one year after he stopped sleeping with her.

Alexer responded in a video, denying the allegations.

She said the singer cheated regularly during the relationship and she forgave, only for him to now accuse her of what she claims he is guilty of.

She said:

"The night after our wedding, I was downstairs in a restaurant, you carried another girl to come and do quickie before I come upstairs catch una. I forgive you, we move on.

“So who is the one cheating? You cheat with full confidence, say I no go do anything.”

She questioned how Harry could claim that her child is not his.

“Telling me that I'm in a marriage and I carried another man's child. You dey watch film? Abi na Nollywood? Because I don't understand.,” she said.

“I have never in my life. I say I dey swear with anything. I have never cheated on you in my life, since we married. I never tried it. I cannot.”

She added that she has told Harry that he can marry any of the girls he allegedly cheated on her with and all she wants is for him to take care of their kids.

But she says he has found faults with all the girls.

Alexer also said that she respects the dead and doesn't like having to mention Harry's late mother but she had to after he falsely claimed her mother is with her 7th husband.

In posts shared via her Instagram Story, Alexer said her mother only remarried once after her first husband died.

However, she said Harry's mother had 6 children for 6 different men and none of them married her.

Watch Alexer defend herself in the video below.

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