State House inadvertently reveals the identity of RUTO’s friends who hired him a luxurious private jet for a paltry Sh10 million for the historic U.S. state visit

Friday, May 31, 2024 – Barely hours after President William Ruto claimed that his friends hired a luxurious private jet that he used on his so-called expensive trip to the U.S. at a paltry Sh10 million as opposed to the Sh200 million being peddled around, State House has come clean and exposed the so-called friends who helped the President out.

In a statement yesterday evening, State House clarified that the private plane Ruto used for his U.S. State visit was offered by the United Arab Emirates government for less than Ksh10 million.

State House Spokesperson Hussein Mohammed reiterated that Ruto was committed to the austerity cause which the Head of State has insisted is the only way to set Kenya on a solid sustainability footing.

“As explained by the President on Thursday, the cost of the jet he travelled in for the historic and successful US State Visit was offered by friends of Kenya at a relatively low cost. 

"In this specific case, the United Arab Emirates Government offered the aircraft at less than KSh10 million,” the statement read in part.

Earlier on during the day, President Ruto, during the National Prayer Breakfast, had announced that the jet was offered to him by friends after it was established the cost of chartering a plane would end up being too expensive for the Kenyan taxpayer.

"When I was told the cheapest plane was Ksh70 million, I told my office to go book with the national carrier, some friends asked me how much I wanted to pay, I said I wasn't ready to pay more than Ksh10 million, they told me to bring the money and they gave me the plane," stated Ruto.

Further, Hussein Mohammed went on to elaborate and share examples of national cooperation from the UAE government and other nations in general that Kenya had benefited from.


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