Son, 19, ‘upset over his upbringing’ shoots parents and is disappointed they survived

Thursday, May 16, 2024 - A teenager “upset over his upbringing” tried to kill his parents hours after Mother’s Day ended and was disappointed to learn they both survived the sick attack he had allegedly been planning for years.

Jeremiah Estel Blair, 19, allegedly shot his parents inside their home in Chandler, about 20 miles from Phoenix, Monday morning, May 13, police said.

The pair were rushed to the hospital, where they were treated for their wounds.

The teen was arrested without incident at the scene and he quickly admitted to the shooting, courts documents obtained by Fox 10 alleged. He also whined about his childhood.

“[Blair] reported being upset over his upbringing and he felt he was not treated as he should have been as a child,” Chandler police detectives wrote.

“[Blair] stated he had been planning for years to kill [the victims].”

His initial plan was to carry out the shooting on Mother’s Day, but instead waited hours later, court documents stated.

When Blair’s father came downstairs around 5:30 a.m., his son was waiting with a gun and video camera to record the shooting, AZ Family reported.

He told his father about “this day coming” before he shot him in the forearm, court documents outlined, according to the Arizona Republic.

Blair’s father ran back to the bedroom, but his mother came out of the room to see what was happening and was shot in the chest, the outlet reported.

While he knew in the immediate aftermath of the shooting his father was likely going to live, he was happy when he thought his mother was going to die, the court documents alleged.

“Defendant showed remorse for the fact that his parents will live,” court documents stated.

“Defendant knew [his] actions [were] wrong, but still attempted to shoot and kill his parents.”

Blair is facing two counts of first-degree attempted murder, cops said. He remains in custody.

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