Singer SPRYRO expresses fear for the next generation of parents as he recounts how his mum prayer transformed him from a 'write off' to a celebrity

Saturday, May 4, 2024 - Popular singer, Spyro, has expressed concern for the next generation of parents.

He stated this while recounting how his mum's fervent prayer transformed him from a 'write off; to who he is today.

In the post he shared, Spyro wrote;

‘When I was a kid ,I was far from greatness … I was the odd one ,more like the rejected stone .I was a write off I remember my mum coming to visit me in boarding school one day and she bursted into tears after seeing the mess I was BUT in all of these she would call me and say “I know you are great ,God told me and many prophets have confirmed it and if God has said it ,IT WILL HAPPEN

I grew up and things got really tough but she never for once stopped telling me “SANMI , OGO E MA TAN KARI AYE “ and she will look at me and say “except it’s not GOD that said it” she held on to the prophesy constantly praying ,even when I lost hope she kept #FAITH and SUDDENLY in 2023 out of nowhere everything changed 🥲

NEVER ESTIMATE THE POWER OF A PRAYING MOTHER  and this makes me wonder if men and women of my generation can pray as our parents did cos WHO WILL STAND IN THE GAP FOR THESE NEW KIDS” life troubles do not recognize “BAD BITCH” “GENZ BADDIES” “ZADDY” “BIG BOY” life problems only respond to power


A lot of us are carried by our parents prayer ,what will carry our own kids ?

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force”

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