See how a chopper was deployed by Kenya Red Cross to rescue mzungu tourists trapped at flooded camps in Maasai Mara as poor Kenyans die without help (VIDEOs).

Thursday, May 2, 2024 - The Kenya Red Cross on Wednesday mounted a search for tourists marooned in camps at Maasai Mara following heavy rains that left them trapped in the area.

A chopper was deployed to evacuate the tourists after the nearby Talek River broke its banks, causing the floods to maroon 14 tourist camps.

The Kenya Red Cross said it rescued 36 people by air and 25 others by land.

Kenyans on X have called out the Kenya Red Cross for abandoning poor Kenyans marooned by floods and at the same time deploying a chopper to save the lives of mzungu tourists.

Where were these choppers when people were stranded and marooned by floods? 

"How is it that we can afford the best for foreigners, careless and give the bare minimum to ordinary Kenyans?,’’ a Kenyan on X posed.

Watch videos of the rescue operation.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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