RUTO allows the construction of 30-storey buildings in EASTLEIGH yet the city has no drainage – Isn't this incompetence?

Monday, May 6,2024 - President William Ruto has authorized the construction of 30-storey buildings in Eastleigh.

Initially, Eastleigh, which is always congested with poor drainage, was allowed to construct 12-storey buildings,

However, Ruto, who toured the estate after visiting Kiamaiko flood victims, explained that allowing the construction of 30-storey buildings will increase accommodations for residents in the city.

He further noted that improved accommodation will ensure that slum dwellers are accorded decent lifestyles therefore promoting harmonious living.

"Since I am the Commander in Chief, I have said that in Eastleigh, you couldn't build a house beyond 12 floors but now we can build storey buildings of up to 30 floors so that citizens can get accommodation and live in a harmonious neighbourhood," he stated.

The announcement by Ruto comes even as the estate continues to battle flash floods due to poor drainage, congestion, and poor planning.


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