Road rage altercation captured along Thika Road - Police should hunt down for these two rogue Indian men (VIDEO).


Saturday, May 18, 2024 - A motorist was subjected to a violent assault during a road rage altercation incident that unfolded along Thika Road, Nairobi on Friday night.

The victim, who was assaulted by two intoxicated Indian men, recounted the harrowing experience that began with a collision between his car and another vehicle.

This is what he wrote to Cyprian Nyakundi.

“Hi Nyakundi,

I have a serious issue to discuss. I was severely assaulted on Thika Road by some drug drivers who rammed my car a few minutes earlier. I've reported this, but I doubt any action will be taken. Here's the video.

So, I was on my way from work (Mowlem, Kangundo Road). I was driving in the middle lane, after the last bump near the toll station headed to Juja. In front of me and to my left were minibuses. To my right, this Toyota Passo, registration number KCR 751F, pulls up beside me. The inner lane was quite busy.

So, the driver decides to merge into the middle lane, and I honk really loud to inform them there wasn't any space. They didn't listen and instead rammed my right side, causing me to almost lose control.

So, I pulled over immediately at the Shell petrol station bus stop to assess damage and probably hoping the other driver does the same so that we can exchange insurance information.

The KCR pulled over in the outer lane, still on the road, about 200 meters from me. The driver first approached and started pushing me from the neck.

While I tried to stand my ground, the second guy jumps in and starts kicking me in the groin. I took out my rungu, but it was fast snatched away from me then held against me as the second guy continued thumping my chest, stomach, and groin. I appealed to the boda guys for help, but they did nothing.

After the two men had their fill, I proceeded into my vehicle and got close to their car to take a clear image of the plate. The second guy got out again and opened my passenger door, prompting me to speed away. They then pursued me and threw the club at the car, slightly missing the car window. So, I headed straight to the police station and made my report.”

Watch the video.

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