Rich generous men want a woman who can help them spend their money - LADY gives tips for successful 'gold digging'

Wednesday, May 1, 2024 - A lady called Ite Akrasi has dropped some ‘’tips'' for women interested in gold-digging.

“Hello Gold diggers. Now that the stainless steel men are asleep, let me drop some tips! If you want to dig gold, you have to be worth it else you'll end up digging steel that's gold plated,” she wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday, April 30, 2024.

"The ones with the gold don't have issues giving you urgent 2k o but you'll definitely irritate them!

How can a man that's very wealthy ask you what your problem is and all you can say is that you want 20,000?

And when he pretends he didn't hear you, and asks again and you go ahead to say *oh but i have 5k so you can help me with 15k

In your mind, you have achieved something or helped the man save his money meanwhile you have used your own hands to close and lock the gold factory totally

Rich generous men don't want to settle with a liability, they want a woman who can help them spend their money, they need your help as a gold digger not your pity!

As your teacher, I'll say wake up! These men with gold don't even care for your life stories of how you have hustled, no stress, just package yourself with you life history, be valuable, smell expensive and look expensive and neat, then watch them bring their mine to your doorstep begging you to dig it well well.

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