Red alert! This is the exact areas and the time that the deadly Cyclone HIDAYA will hit Kenya later today – Watch out

Friday, May 3, 2024 - The Cabinet has warned Kenyans over the imminent arrival of Cyclone Hidaya which is set to make landfall in Tanzania and Kenya within the next 36 hours. 

While the cyclone's trajectory suggests Tanzania will bear the brunt of its force, there are concerns that some parts of Kenya, particularly its southeastern region, may also experience its wrath.

According to satellite tracking provided by Zoom Earth, Cyclone Hidaya is anticipated to reach land between Saturday and Sunday, with wind speeds forecast to reach up to 167 km/h upon impact. Additionally, a storm surge of 7.9 meters (2.3 feet) is predicted, posing a significant risk to coastal communities.

The impending cyclone is expected to bring heavy rainfall, towering waves, and fierce winds, potentially disrupting activities in the Indian Ocean.

An analysis of the cyclone's trajectory indicates that regions closest to the Kenya-Tanzania border, particularly the counties of Kwale, Taita Taveta, and Kajiado, are most vulnerable.

Among the towns expected to be affected are Wundanyi, Msambweni, and Shimoni, along with Lunga Lunga, Ukunda, Mwatate, and Duruma.

Additionally, Taveta, Mariakani, Livundani, Marongo, Vanga, Maungu, and Rusanga are some of the locations likely to experience the cyclone's effects.

The threat extends beyond human settlements to encompass vital wildlife habitats, including Tsavo West National Park, Diani Beach, Shimba Hills National Park, Lamu Wildlife Sanctuary, and Chyulu Hills National Park.

While some areas, such as Mombasa and Voi, lie just outside the predicted path of Cyclone Hidaya, they are not exempt from its impact. Residents in these regions can anticipate heavy rains and strong winds as the cyclone's influence extends beyond its immediate trajectory.

The warning of Cyclone Hidaya's approach comes amidst ongoing heavy rainfall across much of the country.

Following Cabinet deliberations and meteorological warnings, residents in flood-prone areas across five Coastal counties have been ordered to evacuate within 24 hours.

This directive aims to safeguard lives and reduce the potential for catastrophic damage.

Cyclone Hidaya, currently located approximately 1,209 km north-northwest of Antananarivo, Madagascar, is projected to intensify before making landfall in eastern Africa.

As it tracks west-northwestward, it poses a significant threat to coastal communities in Tanzania and potentially parts of Kenya.


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