RAILA comes up with a revolutionary idea to transform Africa for the better – Look! This man deserves to be the next AU chair

Thursday, May 23, 2024 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has once again proven why he deserves to be the next African Union chairman.

This is after he outlined his ambitious plan for a common African Union passport. 

Speaking during a meeting with Maarten Brouwer, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Kenya, and Wael Nasreldin Attiya, Ambassador of Egypt to Kenya, Raila noted that the AU passport, which will be used for the 55 member states, will not only enhance trade in the continent but also foster unity. 

He further remarked that there was a need to eliminate the use of multiple currencies among member states.

“We focused on the potential for a stronger more unified Africa, emphasizing the need for continental integration, enhanced trade, and infrastructure development,” Raila stated after the meeting. 

Raila remarked that while trade agreements were important, there was a need to have a framework on how they could be properly implemented. 

The Azimio leader observed that most trade agreements in Africa were not effective due to payment challenges. 

According to Raila, the elimination of multiple currencies would reduce reliance on the US dollar while the common AU passport would facilitate the free movement of people.

“I underscored the importance of a phased, evolutionary approach to tackle issues like multiple currencies, numerous visa requirements, and various air traffic control regulations,” Raila stated.

“I believe the time has come for the introduction of an AU passport to ease travel across Africa.”

Raila remarked that this was his vision for Africa should he win the AUC chairmanship, noting it was paramount amidst an evolving global environment. 


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