Pray for 'General' MIGUNA MIGUNA as he sustains a foot injury – Quick Recovery Wuod NYANDO (PHOTO)

Saturday, May 18, 2024 - Controversial lawyer and barrister Miguna Miguna has shared a picture of him recovering after sustaining a foot injury.

The outspoken barrister shared a photo of him in a leg cast boot and crutches beside him.

But despite the obvious evidence of injury, Miguna still managed to wear a smile and flash a thumbs-up to the camera.

"Recovering from a fractured left foot. Thanks to all my orthopedic surgeons, friends, and compatriots," Miguna stated while uploading a photo on social media.

The 'General' revealed he was involved in an accident that fractured his tibia thrice.

While acknowledging the quick recovery messages from Kenyans of goodwill, Miguna also revealed that he had settled for a leg cast to help with the healing, further explaining the need for the boot.

"Thanks to everyone who has wished me a quick recovery. I’m unable to identify everyone by name. For those asking what happened: I had an accident and fractured my tibia three times," he said.

Here is a photo of Miguna after an accident that injured his tibia


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