PAULINE NJOROGE becomes the biggest sellout in Kenya's history as she dumps UHURU & RAILA for RUTO – She is working under ITUMBI and KIBET

Tuesday, May 21, 2024 - Azimio One Kenya Alliance blogger Pauline Njoroge has dumped the opposition coalition and she is now working with state house blogger Dennis Itumbi, who is working under President William Ruto’s aide Farouk Kibet.

Njoroge, who was Jubilee party deputy organizing Secretary General, has been hired to publicize Ruto’s 'useless trip' to the United States.

Impeccable sources state that Pauline Njoroge, who was running broke after the Jubilee party lost the 2022 presidential election, was offered a good financial deal, and knowing well where she comes from, she took the offer and immediately started publicising Ruto’s trip to the White House.

In her defense for ditching the opposition, Pauline Njoroge termed it patriotism and said she must support Ruto while traveling to the US to make business deals.

Whether in UDA or Azimio, we must always remember that we share the FLAG. 

"Once the Kenyan government crosses the border to engage with other governments out there, we must all join to support it, our Local political differences notwithstanding. 

"We resume on that once we get back home. This has always been my conviction,” Njoroge wrote on her X


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