Meet the only daring man who can cross flooded River Nyando (VIDEO).

Monday, May 6, 2024 - A man was filmed risking his life by crossing the flooded River Nyando in Kisumu County after the bridge was submerged, following heavy rains.

In the video shared on social media, the daring man is seen confidently crossing the river as an eyewitness records him.

The rest of the people in the community couldn’t risk their lives crossing the flooded river after the only bridge in the area was submerged.

It is alleged that the middle-aged man in the video is the only brave person in the entire village who crosses the river when it floods.

He managed to cross the flooded river with confidence and accessed the bridge that connects homesteads.

River Nyando broke its banks over the weekend and caused massive destruction of properties in the surrounding areas.

The area residents were advised to move to higher grounds after their houses were submerged.

The flooded river also affected Traffic flow at Ahero Bridge along the Kisumu Nairobi highway after water levels rose and covered the bridge.

Watch video of the brave man crossing the flooded river.

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