Meet the Ohangla artist who was caught by JACK BAMBOO with his slain wife SHEILA WEGESHA in the washroom at their club in Umoja, leading to her brutal murder.

Sunday, 19 May 2024 - Jack Bamboo’s marriage with his slain wife Sheila Wegesha was marred with infidelity, despite them appearing like a perfect couple on social media.

Sheila, who was an Ohangla fanatic, reportedly had extra-marital affairs with several Ohangla artists.

It is now emerging that before Sheila was brutally murdered by her husband, he caught her in the washroom at their club in Umoja with Javan MC Ajudo, a famous Ohangla artist.

Javan would frequent their club to entertain fans.

The shameful incident shattered Jack’s heart, prompting him to kill Sheila in cold blood.

It is also alleged that Jack found out that Sheila was financing Javan’s lifestyle.

Jack is still on the run, more than a week after he murdered his wife and left her body in the bedroom at their Athi River home.

It is believed that he fled out of the country.

Below are photos of Javan, the youthful  Ohangla artist who was caught in the washroom with Sheila.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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