Matatu Owners threaten to paralyse transport if RUTO’s proposed Motor Vehicle Tax in the Finance Bill 2024 sails through – LOOK!

Friday, May 24, 2024 - The Matatu Owners Association has opposed the Finance Bill 2024, which seeks to introduce motor vehicle tax.

According to the bill which has the backing of President William Ruto, everyone owning a vehicle will be required to pay 2.5 percent of the value of the car as Motor Vehicle Tax.

Addressing the press in Nairobi, MOA chairman Albert Karakacha criticised the tax asserting it would place an undue burden on the industry.

Karakacha appealed to the government and Members of Parliament to reconsider the decision, emphasizing the vital role the matatu industry plays in supporting the economy.

"We want to plead with the national government through the president to relook into this proposal. We are being overtaxed yet we play a key role in supporting the hustlers," he said.

He also noted the various challenges facing the matatu industry, such as corruption, and suggested that the government should convene a stakeholder forum to devise fair and competitive tax policies.


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