Man falls from airplane after staff move stairs without noticing he was coming out (VIDEO)

Thursday, May 16, 2024 - An airline worker was injured after falling several feet from an aeroplane onto the runway.

Video shared on social media shows the moment the ground staffer fell from a TransNusa Airbus A320 at Jakarta Airport, Indonesia, as the flight crew prepared for takeoff.

The worker allegedly saluted the crew for a safe flight and began stepping out of the plane, unaware that ground staff had removed the mobile stairs from the plane.

The agent, still talking with the crew, walked off the plane and fell many feet down to the tarmac.

The worker received medical treatment immediately and did not sustain life threatening injuries, a source told

The incident is understood to be in violation of aviation rules which reportedly state that workers should not remove a ladder while an aircraft door is still open.

Jakarta Airport authorities have launched an investigation into the incident and have “assured measures” to prevent future accidents, reported.

Watch the video below.

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