Man encourages women to marry rich polygamous men

Tuesday, May 7, 2024 - A man called Goodluck Goddy has encouraged women to marry polygamous men if they are rich.

He stated this in a Facebook post on Monday, May 6, after a polygamous Ghanaian man surprised his two wives with their first cars.

“If you don't mind polygamy, this my Ghana or Cameroon brother Michael Houston will make you love it more,” he wrote.

"There is something he did that is unique, he was able to persuade both of them to agree and marry these elegant ladies same day.

"I do not support polygamy, but if the guy is rich and sought your consent before marrying you, letting you he is polygamous in nature, then there is nothing wrong if you married him.

“If you see the way these two ladies dances together daily in social media, in fact, you will envy them. They are selfless to each other and operate like blood sisters.”

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